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Guest Alumni

Zach – 31 
Accomplished Musician - Media Professional NYC 

"Some teachers, coaches and kids gave me grief about my way of doing things when I was growing up.  I knew I had a different way of thinking but it wasn't till I really learned how to harness that I understood it and really started to appreciate it as a thing that I loved about myself. I now use my different way of thinking to my advantage because I'm able to see things from a different perspective, and in a cookie-cutter workplace, this is something that really sets me apart in a great way."

Chris – 29 
Graphic Designer – Owner of a Design Studio (NY-NJ area)

"When I was younger, I worried about my mind wandering during classes at school. It didn’t take much – a teacher could say a single word that would set off a “spark,” and my mind would run wild. Embracing these “sparks” have become an invaluable part of brainstorming and my creative process."

If you would like to join the UADHD "Guest Alumni" list please email us at [email protected] with the subject line "Guest Alumni". Please include your name (Last name optional but will not be displayed regardless), Age (optional), Profession, a reasonably good quality photo (750k - 1.75 MB) and a relatively brief description or comment on your experience with ADHD/ADD.
University of ADHD has final decision on which stories are selected for "Guest Alumni" section. By submitting your photo and comments you give permission to to use them on this website and/or Facebook page. UADHD may slightly edit copy for grammar or size restrictions. UADHD may slightly alter photo only for cropping, B&W, color and contrast adjustments. (i.e., We will not draw a mustache on you.)

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