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Our Yearbook

University of ADHD Yearbook*

Our list of “Honorary Alumni” includes many of the most successful, creative, innovative and imaginative thinkers of today and in all of history. They include Presidents, Artists, Architects, Athletes, Actors, Composers, Comedians, Business Leaders, Filmmakers, Military Generals, Inventors, Scientists, Political Leaders, Writers, Scholars, and even a few Geniuses!**

* Duh-claimer: To the person out there who says “Hey! Socrates died in 399 BC. There’s no way he attended the University of ADHD!” Okay, we don’t know how to tell you this, but the University of ADHD is not a “real” university. It does not have an ivy-covered campus or professors or even textbooks. It is a “university” only in a metaphorical sense – a collection of students and alumni (again metaphors) that have ADHD. So none of the people in this yearbook physically attended the University of ADHD, since it does not even exist. Jeez!

** Disclaimer: This yearbook list was complied from many sources. It contains some contemporary people with well-documented ADHD. Others on the list, in particular the deceased, are suspected by researchers of displaying ADHD traits and characteristics. By researching their historical behaviors, symptoms and abilities, researchers feel they could have been potential ADHD candidates. Obviously, this is speculation, and we do not claim to know with certainty that everyone on this list had ADHD. However, if even a good portion did, what a list it is!

Please note: If you have ADHD it does not mean you are going to be the next president, literary genius, theoretical physicist or Rock ‘n’ Roll sensation. But you never know!

If you are alive and on this list, and want to be removed, please contact us. Emails from Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein or Elvis will be considered SPAM.
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