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Who We Are

Welcome to the University of ADHD, a virtual "campus" of creative thinkers.

Here at UADHD, some of us are students, some of us are proud alumni and some are just supportive family and friends. At UADHD we all understand and support one another. Weíve definitely got school spirit!

Our list of "Honorary Alumni" includes many of the most successful, creative, innovative and imaginative thinkers in all of history. They include:

Presidents, Artists, Architects, Athletes, Actors, Composers, Comedians, Business  Leaders, Filmmakers, Military Generals, Inventors, Scientists, Political Leaders, Writers, Scholars, and even a few Geniuses!!!

Who We Are
We recognize that having ADHD can be difficult and troubling at times, but rather than dwell on the struggles of people with ADHD, we choose to celebrate the magnificent qualities of the ADHD mind. We want to support each other and encourage each other Ė especially the kids.

We are a brotherhood (and sisterhood).
We stand together.
We understand.
We arenít ashamed.
And, by the way, we donít take ourselves too seriously, either.

Who We Ainít.
Weíre here to support and encourage, but not to advise. We arenít neurologists, psychiatrists, doctors or fortunetellers. We donít pretend to know the answers to the ADHD condition. 

Weíve got some links to sites that do more of that stuff. But (and here comes the legal stuff), we do not endorse, recommend or make representations with respect to the research, services, medication, treatments or products on those sites. So thatís who we ainít.

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